Introducing IMED: The Future of Greenville, SC

Big news has started to excite the Greenville Market. The Greenville Health System has recently been working on a new initiative that they have dubbed IMED. IMED, which stands for “Innovations in Medical Economic Development” and which will be rolling out over the next several years, is projected to attract potential employers in all of these major life science and biomedical industrial fields: medical devices, diagnostics, biomedical laboratory services, pharma-/nutra-ceuticals, digital healthcare technologies, and healthcare-related service/distribution centers.

The initiative is set to be a public-private venture which will be a major catalyst for the already strong biomedical industry in the Upstate of South Carolina. The model that the Greenville Health System currently has for IMED, has the initiative set on over 1,000 acres and will initially be anchored on two main campuses, IMED 1 and IMED 2.

To find out more about IMED and the advancements that the Greenville Health System is making, please visit their IMED site at or go to to learn more about the Greenville Health System.

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