We Are, After All, Neighbors

Christmas 2015Jim & Sheroyn McCormac are building their cottage home in Acadia, on Adulus Drive.  Can’t miss Jim – he drives that cool Mini Cooper sports car. I recently met his son, Rupert McCormac and his wife Jessica.  They have 4 young children and a fifth on the way.   Small world… Jessica’s father is my old friend, Rick Wylie.  We grew up together here in Greenville, and Rick says he could tell stories from our high school days.  I want to quickly point out that Rick is prone to exaggeration, should he get to sharing any such story.

Rupert & Jess live in River Reserve, our neighbors across the Saluda River from Acadia.  Or they did until this week.  It was their house that burnt to the ground. They were home that evening; the 2 little ones asleep upstairs, and the others watching a Christmas movie.  Rupert heard a strange sound, and noticed the stairwell wall was warm when he went to check on the little ones.  Long night made short, everyone got out quick and safe, but all their belongings were lost.

The Fire Marshall is investigating, and it seems the fire started in the upper chimney area.  But none of that matters right now, only that everyone is safe.  The McCormacs have been showered with cloths and support from their neighbors and friends, for which they are moved and grateful.  This Christmas, they will be together at Rick Wylie’s home.  I imagine that is blessing enough, having the family all together.

This weekend, Rupert & Jess will move their family into Acadia.  They will live in Keller Freeman’s home at 101 Fathers Drive while they plan and build their new home.  So be sure to welcome all the McCormacs, your newest neighbors, to Acadia.  Their story has me and Mary counting our blessings this holiday season.  Merry Christmas to all our Acadian neighbors.

—Caleb Freeman, Christmas Eve, 2015—

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