My Good Friend…

…Joe Barron passed away on the 8th, and I am still reeling from the all-too-soon loss of this great man. My heart goes out to Becky, his wife and to his children and family. Joe left them a proud legacy for all he did to improve our Greenville community: a founder of Habitat for Humanity of Greenville, a leader of Boy Scout Troop 11, a volunteer for the State Parks Department, and a torch bearer in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Joe Barron helped me envision and build Acadia. He was my civil engineer and mentor from the beginning. I owe him an un-repayable debt of gratitude for all his thoughtful influence in the design and fulfillment of our Acadia community. His fingerprints are subtle and everywhere: the roads, the trails, the innovative storm-water controls and rain gardens. Joe died with unfinished work to be done – he was helping John Freeman and me layout our next neighborhoods. We will finish without Joe, but we are inspired by him, and dedicate the Village Green in Acadia to his memory. Afterall, my good friend Joe had a hand in it.

Joe Barron

One thought on “My Good Friend…

  1. Our prayers go out to Joe’s family and friends like you Caleb who knew him so well.
    We will think of him every walk on paths and with Village Green .
    May Joe & Family be at peace.

    Dana & Phil Denny


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