Acadian Discoveries: Downtown Alive


Along with beautiful natural and man-made amenities, Acadia is renowned for it’s sense of community; a place where the door is always open and gatherings are a full affair. It’s no surprise then that one of the greatest summer treats for Acadians, is Downtown Alive. Full of music and an array of food and drink options, Downtown Alive truly is a community party. It features live bands, who play sets at 5:50 and 7:20 every Thursday night in NOMA (North Main) Square. Downtown Alive provides Greenvillians and visitors the chance to gather and meet new people in a fun and relaxed outdoor setting.

With over 45,000 annual visitors, Downtown Alive is the single largest fundraiser for the Metropolitan Arts Council. Sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas and presented by Clemson MBA, Downtown Alive runs every Thursday from March 17 to August 18 and features a variety of bands. Admission to this weekly event is of course always free. To find out which bands are playing, and have any questions answered, visit their site here.


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