Acadian Discoveries: Artisphere


“Fine art, music, food & fun” are just a few of the descriptors that are attributed to this annual Greenville exclusive event. Artisphere is one of the largest festivals held in Greenville, attracting artists from all over the United States.  From May 13 through May 15, you can explore downtown Greenville and enjoy the works of artists from both upstate South Carolina and the world at large.  The visual arts are showcased at an open-air Artist Row in the West End, while Main Street boasts several stages to enjoy a wide variety of performing artists.  Of course, none of this should be undertaken on an empty stomach.  Artisphere’s Culinary Arts Cafe is centrally located on E. Broad Street and offers a smorgasbord of delicious fare, including mediterranean, barbeque, mexican, japanese, and more.

To find out more about this wonderful event or to check out the artists that will be featured, visit the Artisphere site here. Be sure to head downtown this weekend to enjoy the array of artists and all they have to offer.

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