The Cassie’s Run Dog Park

Acadia 2010.Clayton 027

Acadia is a great neighborhood for man’s best friend.  With 4 miles of walking trails, there is plenty of room for our dogs to roam around. Of course, we do have leash laws to keep our pets safe. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to let the family dog have a little more freedom. We will soon have just the place for that freedom, at the end of Cassie’s run, our pet trail right on the edge of the Saluda River. We are building a true pet park surrounded by a 4 foot tall wooden fence with a large 8 foot entrance gate. With all of the events that Acadians get to enjoy throughout the year, it is only fair that our dogs have a place to congregate as well.

For more information about the Cassie’s run dog park and for everything new that is coming to Acadia, visit our website here.

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