Indian Rock at Acadia

Indian Rock

Acadia is a truly special community because of our abundance of protected parks and nature trails. In fact, a third of our 354 acres is preserved as such. With over 100 acres of green space to explore, there is always something new to enjoy. Many neighbors already enjoy the extensive trail system that follows either edge of Hunters Creek, which flows into the Saluda River. However, there is a hidden gem upstream.

As you pass through a perpetually shaded clearing hidden beneath the trees to the left of our Chapel Bridge, you will come to a path. Following it carefully across the creek using the stepping stones, you will arrive at Indian Rock. Indian Rock earned its name from the discovery of several arrowheads around the site. This beautiful, moss covered rock formation is found right next to a small waterfall. There is also a small band of walking trails near Indian Rock, so be sure to check out all the unique areas of Acadia. You may even find an arrowhead for yourself, so keep your eyes peeled.

To learn more about the abundance of natural and man-made amenities in Acadia, visit our website here and discover Life in Balance, for yourself.

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