Independence Day Wrap-up

As always, Acadia enjoyed another fantastic Fourth of July bash yesterday. Most of the day was spent around the pool to help escape the summer heat. There was an impressive flotilla of inflatable creatures on display along with plenty of other pool toys. A fierce clash of wills and manual dexterity was found around the appropriately stars-and-stripes themed cornhole set, as well as an intense water polo match. Of course, we had to keep our energy up for all the festivities.

The neighbors pulled out all the stops to keep the crowd fed throughout the day. We of course enjoyed the usual grill fare- hot dogs, hamburgers, and bbq chicken- but there was also rarer treats to be had, such as a refreshing couscous mix featuring avocado, corn, and strawberries. Sadly, the desert table did not survive the day. As is tradition, we ended the evening with our fireworks show. While there are certainly larger shows out there, we pride ourselves on lighting as many incendiary devices as possible without requiring a license. While there is still plenty of summer fun to be had, we are already looking forward to next year for more explosively entertaining Americana.

Community centered events such as this are what keep more and more people joining the Acadia Community. To learn more about Acadia and to join in all of the festivities, visit us at our website here, and set up a tour to discover life in balance for yourself.

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