Acadian Discoveries: Falls Park

Falls Park

With winter weather turning to a more spring like feel, many Greenvillians are looking for a place to spend their warm days. Falls Park is a beautiful attraction in Greenville, South Carolina. Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville, the park boasts many activities for residents and visitors alike. For a more aerobic experience, the park’s many walking paths allow you to travel by foot from Main Street to the Greenville Zoo and Cleveland Park. For a more relaxing experience, the park offers many benches and swing sets where you can grab a rest and enjoy the peace and serenity all around.

Whether it is Liberty Bridge overlooking the Reedy River, or the walking paths and parks which rest below it, Falls Park offers a natural green space to get away from the otherwise building heavy center of downtown. To learn more about the many activities going on in the park, visit the Falls Park website here. To learn more about activities happening around the upstate and beyond, be sure to visit the Acadia Community blog each week.


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