Acadian Discoveries: Doodle Trail

Acadians are an active bunch; often they are found enjoying our 4 miles of walking trails and access to the Saluda River. However, it is nice to explore a bit farther afield every now and then to see some new sights while we exercise. Fortunately, we are only 15 minutes away from the start of the Doodle Trail in Easley. The Doodle runs from Easley to Pickens, providing a 16 mile loop for bikers and runners to enjoy. It gets its name from the nearby Doodle train line which also connects the two towns. The train, in turn, takes its name from the Doodlebug- also known as roly-polies- whose fronts and backs are nearly indistinguishable. Since there was not enough room for the track system to have a turn-around, the train simply travels back and forth on a linear rail, meaning it doesn’t have a true “front” or “back”. The trail itself is very well maintained and offers a great view of the pastoral scenery between each town. More importantly, the Doodle gives you a great workout on its many hills. In addition to the sense of accomplishment for completing a climb, you’ll definitely enjoy the relaxing ride back downhill.

To learn more about the Doodle Trail, visit the information site here, and for more Acadian Discoveries, be sure to check out the Acadia Community Blog weekly!

One thought on “Acadian Discoveries: Doodle Trail

  1. The Doodle Trail is one of my favorite bike rides… a great, quick work out, and perfect for bike dates, or beginner to advanced riders. —Caleb & Mary Freeman—


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