Acadian Travel: A Rome-antic Vacation

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and many couples are looking for the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. An obvious answer is the birthplace of the original romance language: Rome, Italy. The city has a rich history spanning over 2500 years, which means it has plenty to offer for travelers of every stripe. Its ancient roots are sure to tantalize any history buff. The decidedly modern city is dotted with many fantastic monuments from antiquity, most notably the Colosseum; fortunately, it is now cleared of battling gladiators, so tourists can enjoy it safely. As you move through Rome you get a glimpse of each layer of its history, such as the Medieval Torre delle Milizie, a fortified tower near Trajan’s Markets. The Renaissance made perhaps the most obvious impact on the city, which is fitting for an era marked by an explosion of creative and intellectual growth. It gave Rome most of its famous city square, or Piazzas, and allowed Michelangelo the opportunity to use the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as a massive canvas for some truly fantastic frescos. It should be no surprise that Rome has many other beautiful Chapels and Basilicas considering it surrounds Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic faith. Even if you are not Catholic, Saint Peter’s Basilica is an astounding sight to behold.

Rome offers more than just amazing architecture, although it certainly has that in spades. As the capital of Italy, it is an obvious destination for anyone wanting to get a taste of the country as a whole. Naturally, this often starts with tasting the local cuisine, or cucina in this case. You will quickly find that Italian food consists of much more than just spaghetti and meatballs, although the local version of that dish will certainly keep you very happy. Delicious pasta and pizza can be found in abundance, along with wonderfully fresh seafood dishes, to name just a few staples. There is no shortage of fine Italian wines and cheeses to be enjoyed with, before, and after dinner, along with delicious breads and deli meats. Any meal is best concluded with a slice of Tiramisu and a cup of espresso. However, special mention must be made of gelato, ice cream’s creamier, more decadent older cousin. It can be found in nearly any flavor imaginable, from the old standbys of chocolate and vanilla to more unique varieties like fresh melon and lemon. You could probably try a different flavor every day for a year and not run out of choices.

To learn more about Rome, and to book with an agency that cares, visit the Acadian Travel Concierge here. For this and more, be sure to visit the Acadia Community Blog each week, where we sample activities, events, and travel destinations in our “Acadian Travel” and “Acadian Discoveries” miniseries.

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