Acadian Discoveries: Soby’s

For many Acadians, the most obvious destination for a nice dinner is 10 minutes away in downtown Greenville. Over the past few years, the downtown area has dramatically changed for the better, offering an ever increasing selection of delicious new restaurants to try. However, there are still many old classics that are well worth a return visit. One example is Soby’s, a Greenville standby since 1997. Soby’s is located on South Main Street in a beautifully renovated building that started its life as a cotton exchange in the 1800s. They offer a wide variety of traditional southern fare elevated to a true fine-dining experience. They use the freshest seasonal ingredients available to bring their customers dishes that are both comfortably familiar and innovative at the same time. You can expect to find many southern staples, such as shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, and barbecue, but don’t be surprised when they rival your mother’s recipes. There is plenty more to choose from, so be prepared to make several trips back. With 20 years under their belt, you know that Soby’s will be waiting for you.

To learn more about Soby’s, visit their website here, and for more Acadian Discoveries, be sure to check out the Acadia Community Blog weekly!

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