Acadia’s Newest Neighbors

This week we celebrate our newest Acadian neighbors, John Hammes & Carrie Dale. They have just moved into their beautiful home in Acadia. As they are unpacking their boxes, they are also building treasure boxes at their business, Softbox Systems, a specialty packaging company for the pharmaceutical industry, located here in Greenville, SC.

We were excited to see that the very first delivery of Covid-19 vaccines in Britain and the US were shipped in Softbox containers, truly a treasure chest if ever there was one! We are so proud of their contribution, and welcome them to our Acadia community.

Thank you, John & Carrie!

Acadia’s Everyday Heroes

We want to cheer for some of our Acadian neighbors for their heroic work and accomplishments, though they do not get the credit they deserve, much less seek.

Jim & Vickie Pascoe, the “Mayors of Acadia”, are our first residents. Since 2006, the Pascoes have been joined in Acadia by other family members Nicole & Trevor Rheem and their children. A special shout-out to Acadia’s First Family!

Keller Freeman, mother of Acadia’s developers Caleb & Mary Freeman, and her grandson John Freeman, are Acadia residents. Keller’s enthusiasm for all things Acadia, especially the Acadia Meeting House (dedicated to her late husband David L. Freeman), have earned her a warm place in our hearts; she often interrupts our work with steady trays of cookies and lemonade. She is best known as a prolific writer and historian; her seminal work on the Battle of Iwo Jima, The Shadow of Suribachi, is studied at the US Marine Academy. Her poetry collections, historical short stories, and novels are numerous and award-winning. She founded the EMRYS Foundation, supporting southern women writers. Kudos, Keller!

Jim & Jamie Kaltenbach and their girls have brought a lot of fun and joy to Acadia, and great contributions to our Greenville community. Jim’s leadership at Prisma Health’s Philanthropy Office is known to all Acadians. His direction of the Dragon Boat Festival (Go Ragin’ Cajuns!) has raised over $3.5 million to support the talented Cancer Care and Research teams at Prisma. They are making world-class innovations in cancer, and more recently in Covid, treatments. Big thanks for all your efforts and talents!

Wednesday & Sam Cooper have helped many Acadians keep their sanity during Covid. Wednesday’s expert Yoga classes offer a regular, Covid-safe outlet for what we call “house arrest.” This summer, practicing Yoga outdoors at the Pavilion, gives new meaning to “hot yoga”. Much needed and appreciated, Wednesday & Sam!

If you know other unsung Acadian heroes, we want to highlight them in our next edition.

Thanks to all Acadians!

The Dog Days of Summer in Acadia

John Freeman and his best friend Al

The Acadia Community is a great place to live for not only us homo-sapiens, but also our canine companions. With four miles of walking trails, lots of sidewalks, the village green, the soccer field, and many other common areas, there are always opportunities to stretch all four legs or grab a game of fetch. Of course, we do require leashes to keep everyone safe, fur-covered or otherwise. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to frolic without constraints. The Cassie’s Run dog park- named after our developers dearly departed chocolate lab- provides just the place.

So, Acadia certainly has plenty of room for dogs, but how big is the pooch population? Quite large, as it turns out. Take a one-block stretch on Fathers Drive, for example. In the span of eight homes, there are 13 dogs. Good things often come in pairs: there are two Jack Russel Terriers, Corky and Toby, two curly-haired cuties, Tucker and Abby, two Dachshunds, JD and Bailey, and two Beagles, Zoey and Haley. There are also two sisters from other misters, Piper and Tinny, and solo-acts like Gus and Eddie. Of course, the best dog on the block is Al the Corgi; this is in no way related to the fact that he is owned by the co-developer of the community.

If you expand your search just around the corner on Acadia Avenue, you can add Toby the Husky to the mix, and just across the alley from the terrier brothers are Chester and Georgie, and there are many more to meet across all 170 families living in the community. The dog days of summer are here in Acadia, but if you can beat the heat you’ll find lots of reasons to get your tail wagging.

2020 World Record Jump at Acadia Invitational

The Acadia Invitational – Women’s Pole Vault Competition was held July 15, 2020 in the Acadia community, Greenville, South Carolina.  Sandi Morris, the silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, set this year’s women’s outdoor world record, seen in this video, at 4.81 meters. 

You can count on one hand the number of women in the world to have ever reached such incredible heights.  And Sandi was not alone; she was joined by an international field of exceptional athletes, all vaulting well near their record heights, despite the 100 degree heat-index, Covid anxieties and social-distancing restrictions. 

Sandi’s family resides in Acadia.  They were joined by many Acadian neighbors who volunteered to build the runway, host and cheer this special athletic event.  

Special thanks to ESPN for filming and to Zenni Eyewear for sponsoring this first Acadia Invitational

Congratulations to Sandi Morris and all of the competitors, including Katie Nageotte, Olivia Gruver, Anika Newall, Robin Bone, Megan Clarke, Leah Pasqualetti, Ariel Voskamp, Megan Zimlich, and Natalie Uy. 

What an exciting day!  Acadia hopes to see you all again at the next Acadia Invitational!

SC Tennis Hall of Fame Inducts Charles and Richard Hardaway

An exciting announcement has come to Acadia. Acadian Charles Hardaway and brother Richard Hardaway, will be the 2018 inductees into the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame. Charles and Richard will be the 66th and 67th members respectively. Their induction ceremony will take place on December 8th at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet on Hilton Head Island. The Hardaways were both top level high school players. They were ranked juniors at the state and national levels, and went on to have superb tennis careers in college.

We are very happy for both Hardaway brothers, and wish them the best at their induction ceremony! To learn more about the Hardaways, check out the USTA article about them here.

See Your World! Ray and Laura Ramage, your Acadia Travel Concierge can show you the way!



Acadians are traveling! Thanks to Ray & Laura, our Acadia Travel Concierge, for recently helping Acadian families plan their vacation cruises in the Caribbean, river cruises in Europe, South African safaris, and ski trips.

The world is a big, exciting place to see. Be sure to ask your Acadia Travel Concierge to show you the possibilities.

To find out more about the exciting opportunities Ray and Laura have in store for Acadians, please visit the Acadia Travel Concierge website here or call them at (207) 865-1789.

Happy travels, Acadians!

Winter Has Arrived in Acadia!

Winter Blog Post

The white, fluffy ice of winter has arrived in Acadia. Yes all, it is that time of year once again. The temperature has finally dropped to its normal feeling of winter, and the snow has started to fall. It is finally the time of year for hot cocoa and brandy by the fire. Before you know it, Santa Claus will be making his annual trip around the Upstate, filling stockings and bringing presents for all to enjoy. From all of us here in Acadia, we want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

Acadian Events: Greenville Little Theatre’s “Hairspray”

GLT's Hairspray

Greenville is a truly great place to live for any theater lovers. In fact, it has more performing arts theaters than movie theaters. The Greenville Little Theater, which has entertained audiences since 1926, is the oldest center of performing arts in the Upstate. It offers a wide variety of theatrical fare: classic musicals, suspenseful mysteries, side-splitting comedies, and much more. As a true community theater, GLT gives Greenville a space for new actors to experience the craft while still providing theater-goers with a professional experience. It certainly helps that there are so many seasoned actors in the Upstate that grace the stage, but credit must be given to GLT’s directors, Allen and Susan McCalla. The McCalla’s took the helm as Executive Artistic and Producing Directors in 1993.  Ever since, they have solidified GLT’s legacy of excellence using their own professional theater experience. Recently, their son, Sam McCalla, has joined the team as Associate Artistic Director and Resident Actor; after working for several professional theaters, he has brought even more talent back to GLT and the Upstate. Of course, no great production is possible with just the Directors, excellent though they may be. The entire team at GLT, from lighting to set design, deserves the applause at the end of a production as much as the actors.

The Greenville Little Theater holds a special place in the hearts of the Freeman family here in Acadia.  Our own Mary Freeman has performed there nearly every year since we moved to Greenville in 1995, starting with the role of Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. She will be performing yet again in GLT’s production of Hairspray, which opens this Friday, June 2nd at 8:00 and runs until June 25thHairspray is a musical set in the 1960s, featuring comedy, romance, and chemically solidified hairdos. Those who know Mary personally know that she is a wonderful person, and many of the roles she has performed over the years help reflect this fact. On the other hand, her character in Hairspray, Velma Von Tussle, is the exact opposite of a wonderful person. Fortunately, Mary is a very good actor, so audiences should expect to have a ton of fun despising Mrs. Von Tussle. The show is sure to draw a crowd, so get your tickets as soon as possible, either online or by phone at 864-233-6238.

Acadian Travel: Universal Studios

Summer is nearly here, and Acadians are already planning their vacations to take advantage of the sun and fun. For many folks, the best place for a grand adventure is one of the country’s major theme parks; but what if you have already visited a certain famous mouse?  Fortunately, there is another great option in Orlando, FL: Universal Studios, located about 18 minutes west from the airport.

Universal Studios boasts an enormous variety of exciting rides based on the studio’s many popular movies and TV shows throughout the years. Unfortunately, they have retired a few of their old classic rides, such as the Jaws encounter, Back to the Future, and the King Kong “Kongfrontation.” You can still find homages to these beloved rides in the park, though, so you don’t have to go home without a picture of your favorite man-eating shark. Some of the parks current standouts include an entire section dedicated to The Simpsons – complete with a life-size recreation of Moe’s Tavern and the Kwik-E-Mart – and Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, where you’ll learn to appreciate the joys of escaping from an undead Egyptian horror. All of this is found in the Universal Studio’s Park, but that is not the only option. You will soon be able to visit Volcano Bay, a new water-themed park opening at the end of this month, or Islands of Adventure, the home of the World of Harry Potter. You can buy tickets for each park individually, or get a combo pass and explore all three.

Volcano Bay is still a bit of a mystery, but Islands of Adventure is very well known. It features eight different islands, each with it’s own theme: the Port of Entry, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Skull Island, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Seuss Landing, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The latter has quickly become the most popular attraction in the entire park, and for good reason. Harry Potter fans will get to explore a fully-realized Hogsmead Village and Hogwarts School. The main attraction is “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” which takes guests through Hogwarts Castle to see scenes inspired by the books and movies. There are also two roller coasters: the larger Dragon Challenge and the youngster-friendly Flight of the Hippogriff. If you need a breather, you can enjoy a decadently sweet Butterbeer while you watch some of the performances that tend to pop up around town, like the TriWizard Spirit Rally. There is enough magic in the air for lifelong fans and first timers alike.