Acadian Discoveries: Greenfields Deli

Bagels and delis are fairly ubiquitous around the country. However, like any regional specialty, it is hard to find a true New York-style deli outside of the five boroughs. Fortunately, Greenville, SC has enjoyed the real deal for over 17 years with Greenfields Deli. Founded by NYC transplants, Greenfields offers the hands-down best bagel and deli experience in town. Their bagels are the undisputed star of the show, made fresh each morning in a variety of sweet and savory flavors and served with many different options of homemade cream cheese. If you have trouble deciding between Double-crunch Cinnamon, Blueberry, Sesame, Cheese, and Jalapeno- to name just a few- you can always go with the ever-popular Everything. It only gets better as you use their almighty bagels to craft the perfect deli sandwich. They do offer more typical slices of bread, but there’s no substitute for their pastrami, egg, and cheese (provolone) on an Everything bagel. (with onions and spicy mustard, naturally) While it’s hard to beat their pastrami, Greenfields does offer the full panoply of deli meats, such as lox, corned beef, and more. Add one of their delicious soups or traditional deli sides, like pasta or potato salad, or simply grab a bag of chips. However, you’ll find that even the chips are no plain-Jane affair, especially if you happen to choose a bag of Zaps Spicy Craw-tator. If you can save room for desert, Greenfields has a huge selection of Jewish pastries to offer. There are plenty of bottled and fountain drinks to choose from to wash everything down, including more adventurous options like Dr Brown’s Cel-ray celery soda; it’s actually much more refreshing than it sounds. Of course, as a common breakfast destination, a tall cup of their Brazilian coffee is often the best choice. It beats Starbucks any day, unless you are really in the mood for a desert disguised as coffee. If you have never experienced Greenfields, you can find it in the Verdae Shopping Center at the corner of Laurens and Verdae. You will not be disappointed.

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